Research shows that a deviant structure mostly is not  the cause of pain. Rehabilitation physician John E. Sarno M.D. investigated the cause of chronically present and recurrent pain. He found that people, with certain traits, were more likely to experience pain.


People with characteristics like;

- Perfectionism

- Conscientious

- Driven

- Great sense of responsibility

- The need to have controle
- Thinking not good enough

- Tendency to want to please

- Easily stepping aside for some one else

- Wanting to help others, even if they don't ask for help

- Asking too much of himself 

- When a negative motivator is present (you'd like to prove yourself to...) 

Maybe this is recognizable to you?

The fact that the cause of most chronic pain symptoms lies in the brain is a different approach. And definitely a switch. But this turns out to be the solution for most of all chronic (pain) complaints.


A selection of conditions, diagnoses and symptoms in which the pain-free program, with which I work, can give 80-100% result:

- Hernia

- Athritis

- Osteoarthritis

- Small cracks in the meniscus

- Worn joints in shoulder, knee or hip

- Frozen Shoulder

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Back, neck, shoulder complaints

- Radiating pain in arm or leg

- Fibromyalgia

- Headache, migraine, stress-related

- Whiplash syndrome

- Narrowing of nerves in the spine

- Tension headache

- Disorders of the stomach and intestine (irritable bowel syndrome)

- Problems with the immune system: allergy, hay fever, asthma

- Skin problems (acne, psoriasis, eczema, ...)

- Tinnitus

- Tingling in arm and hand

- Chronic lyme

- Susceptibility to infections (colds, bladder infections, vaginal yeast infections)

- Prostate complaints

- Dizziness

- Or, if the pain 'suddenly shoots into your back'. 

Problems that the brain can also distract you from:

- Compulsive disorders

- Fears

- Panic attacks

- Depression

- Hay fever

- Phobias

- Eating problems

- Chronic fatigue syndrome

To consider your situation, you're welcome to sign up for a (free) call with me;


T H E   P R A C T I S E

Voor een behandeling binnen een pijn/stressvrij-traject van 6-8 weken werk ik in heel Nederland en buitenland. Alleen voor coaching in het buitenland zijn mogelijk extra kosten verbonden. Tenzij online coaching voldoende blijkt te zijn. Daar heb ik goede ervaring mee.

Daarnaast bied ik in losse sessies neurologische technieken toe (Emotional Freedom Techniques) om een stressrespons los te koppelen van een situatie nu of uit het verleden die je als niet prettig ervaart of hebt ervaren. De stress wordt hiermee geneutraliseerd. Ofwel; geëlimineerd. Wanneer je interesse hebt in een eerlijk coaching gesprek, dan ben je ook van harte welkom.

Om het contact zo soepel mogelijk te laten verlopen vraag ik je om het aanvraagformulier in te vullen en te verzenden. 


Wil je toch eerst telefonisch contact, app dan even naar: 06 - 183 85 359 Dan neem ik z.s.m. contact met je op.

For treatment within a pain/stress-free process of 8 weeks I work all over the Netherlands and abroad. Only for coaching abroad may be associated with additional costs. Unless online coachig turns out to be enough. I have good experience with that.

In addition, I offer neurological techniques (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in separate sessions to detach a stress response from a situation now or from the past that you feel or have experienced as not pleasant. This neutralizes the stress.


If you are interested in an honest coaching conversation, then you are also welcome.

In order to make the contact as smooth as possible, I ask you to fill out and send the application form. 

If you want to contact with me by phone first, please go to: 00 31 (0)6 - 183 85 359 Then I will contact you asap

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