If you really want to get rid of your complaints permanently, I'd like to get in touch with you. It is quite possible that I will offer you a program, a program of 8 weeks, where you can get rid of up to 80-100% of your pain complaints. My guidance is tailor-made for you.


The method I use not only ensures that you get rid of your (pain) complaint, for the most part or all, but also, if complaints come back slightly, you can easily turn it off and solve it yourself. These slight complaints will also disappear permanently eventually.

If you consider starting, or know you want to get started, I'll invite you to a free informative and personal call. Would you please fill in the form below? Then I'll get to know you a little bit prior to our conversation. I'll contact you asap.

Note; Unfortunately, because the program requires time and great care, the number of places per month is limited.

Cynicism or doubt is not a problem. But if you want to take responsibility for your own life, I'd like to take you through this powerful, interesting process to a definitive pain-free life.


I'm looking forward to it!

Which of the following traits, behaviors and thoughts are familiar to you? (Multiple answers are possible) Be honest;

During the 8-week program, I give you tools and ample coaching to be able to become pain-free and complaint-free. You will experience major changes in terms of a new, healthier view of yourself and your environment. You will feel freer and you'll want to make better choices.

It is a special, educational process. But no matter how motivating the journey is, and how good you will feel in a short time, it requires commitment. My guidance is tailor-made to achieve the ultimate result. However, the best result is achieved by people who want to tackle the cause. It is nice if you have plans for a future complaint-free life, if you do not want to be a victim and you have somewhat of an enthusiastic attitude to let things go.

How you can develop this more strongly, the trajectory will teach you.

See you soon!


T H E   P R A C T I S E

Voor een behandeling binnen een pijn/stressvrij-traject van 6-8 weken werk ik in heel Nederland en buitenland. Alleen voor coaching in het buitenland zijn mogelijk extra kosten verbonden. Tenzij online coaching voldoende blijkt te zijn. Daar heb ik goede ervaring mee.

Daarnaast bied ik in losse sessies neurologische technieken toe (Emotional Freedom Techniques) om een stressrespons los te koppelen van een situatie nu of uit het verleden die je als niet prettig ervaart of hebt ervaren. De stress wordt hiermee geneutraliseerd. Ofwel; geëlimineerd. Wanneer je interesse hebt in een eerlijk coaching gesprek, dan ben je ook van harte welkom.

Om het contact zo soepel mogelijk te laten verlopen vraag ik je om het aanvraagformulier in te vullen en te verzenden. 


Wil je toch eerst telefonisch contact, app dan even naar: 06 - 183 85 359 Dan neem ik z.s.m. contact met je op.

For treatment within a pain/stress-free process of 8 weeks I work all over the Netherlands and abroad. Only for coaching abroad may be associated with additional costs. Unless online coachig turns out to be enough. I have good experience with that.

In addition, I offer neurological techniques (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in separate sessions to detach a stress response from a situation now or from the past that you feel or have experienced as not pleasant. This neutralizes the stress.


If you are interested in an honest coaching conversation, then you are also welcome.

In order to make the contact as smooth as possible, I ask you to fill out and send the application form. 

If you want to contact with me by phone first, please go to: 00 31 (0)6 - 183 85 359 Then I will contact you asap

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