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Elimination of persistent and recurring physical problems

Because you're actually worth Gold

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When you are having physical problems, this might be very interesting for you.


More than 15 years I was a victim myself of severe pain in my neck

and other persistent and recurring health problems.


I visited many specialists and was always happy with the temporary help they gave me. 

This makes me sad. Knowing what I know now.

I became a sportmasseuse because I was fascinated by the function of the body. 

In my reserarch on how to serve my clients better

I came across a book of the late Dr Sarno.

He was a professor of Rehabilitation Medicine.

He discovered that a hidden stress was the determining factor

of the ongoing pain within his patients.

Even with patients who had serious structural problems, showing on an MRI.

He stopped using conventional treatment

and started treating his patients for stress.

He helped over 1000's of people recover from their pain.

I have studied his findings and

I have lost my pain completely since I discovered some patterns en believes that I lived by and were limiting me. I found a way to let go of these and I understood the meaning of 'how the body and brain function as one'.


Since 2,5 years I guide people myself

to a life where in pain is gone and controled.

With lots of passion I offer this special programme to people who want live their lives in a beter level, without being stopped by physical complaints.


I wil give a structure

and continues coaching when needed

so you will be able to release stress, pain and other health conditions. 


I coach people to 80-100% pain free even when they have;


Bulging discs


Worn joints



and more

No matter how long the pain is there.

or the age of my client.

When we take away stress

other health problems seems to disappear as well.

Like; sleeping disorders,


skin conditions,


Celiac disease,

Panick Attacks,

Tinnitus, ...

See here for all disorders:




To help you to become free of the stress that causes physical problems

I will offer you a program wherein I will be your coach for 8 weeks. If it may appear that you need more guiding, I will be there for you for another 2 months, without paying extra.

I strongly believe that everyone can learn to have your body listen to you.


I take you and this program very seriously.

Therefor I prefer to work with people who are ambitious and don't want to be stuck due to physical barriers. If you've lost hope to find back the ambitious person you once were, you're welcome too!


To become free of pain and stress you'll have to invest in yourself!;

 Eventhough it is easy and it makes you free from believes you weren't even aware off,

this takes time and focus to do some homework, implematation and openness to yourself. 

With this Pain Reset Method

pain free within 5 weeks is more of a rule than an exception


When you're interested in me teaching you

in how to become free of pain and free of other health conditions,

you're very welcome!

Click here to sign up for my call to you:




If you don't have physical problems

but you would like to break a cycle

or take away any kind of stress,

please send a message to:

00 31 (0) 6 183 85 359 or


I will reply to your message as soon as possible!